Board of Directors


Kentucky Hemp Works (Founder)

Katie Moyer is the founder of Kentucky Hemp Works, a seed and root processing facility in Western Kentucky. Her efforts to legalize hemp began in 2007 when she drafted the first version of Kentucky’s hemp legislation. As a result of her efforts educating and lobbying across the state, Katie was appointed to the Kentucky Industrial Hemp Commission, where she served on the education and legislation committees. When hemp became legal under the Farm Bill of 2014, Katie had the chance to grow the first legal, privately owned plot since World War II. This crop led to the start of Kentucky Hemp Works, which continues to produce top-quality hemp products from every part of the plant. Katie currently sits on the Kentucky Industrial Hemp Advisory Board where she advises state government as a hemp producer. She also sits on the Kentucky Agriculture Development Board, which administers Tobacco Settlement Funds to help farmers diversify crops and fosters new growth and industries in agriculture.

C.J. Carter (Vice President)

Founder/CEO of The CannaMercial Realty Group

C.J. Carter has been involved in the Cannabis space since 2015 consulting, developing brands, and hosting licensing/educational seminars. He’s the Founder/CEO of The CannaMercial Realty Group which he founded in February of 2022. After becoming a licensed commercial real estate agent in April of 2022, C.J. decided to join Coldwell Banker McMahan with a shared vision of growing relationships around property changes, challenges and transactions within the Cannabis Space. His philosophy is built around being an educational resource in this young, influx and inherently risky Cannabis Real Estate marketplace where due diligence is a necessity. C.J. is a recent graduate of the Leadership Louisville Center, Ignite Louisville program, Spring 2021 class representing Minorities for Medical Marijuana where he currently serves as Kentucky State Director since 2019. His role as director includes opening the doors of access by being a resource to individuals and communities adversely affected by poverty and social injustice through information, referrals, advocacy coordination and education. C.J. also serves as the COO of The Hola Cannabi Group which is a Cannabis products and technologies company.

Richard Vance (TREASURER)

Stites & Harbison PLLC (Attorney)

Rick Vance’s practice focuses on real estate law, antitrust, trade associations, financial institutions and the industrial hemp industry. He is based in the Louisville office and specializes in advising industrial hemp entrepreneurs and financial institutions on federal and Kentucky compliance issues. Rick graduated with a B.A. with distinction, in Government and Foreign Affairs in 1978 from the University of Virginia, then received his J.D. with high distinction in 1984 from the University of Kentucky College of Law.

Justin Darnell (Secretary)

Appalachian Entrepreneur

Justin Darnell is an Appalachian Entrepreneur who seeks to elevate his community. Justin’s positive contributions of bringing new businesses and employment opportunities to his ton have been felt throughout the entire region. In three years, Justin has founded three successful business ventures. He has 20+ employees and is always looking to expand. Additionally, Justin looks to give back to his beloved community by supporting local charitable efforts, fundraisers, and community events.
Justin continually sources and advocates for organic solutions within the hemp industry for the people of Kentucky. He believes that together we can influence legislative and regulatory issues impacting the hemp industry with one unified voice.


Mystic Energy Services (Chief of Operations)

Coming from a family boat business with humble roots in Owensboro, KY, Tate has always had an appreciation for farmers and small businesses alike. Upon receiving his Business Administration degree from Western Kentucky University in the spring of 2014, Tate went straight to Seattle, WA to pursue the new I-502 Recreational Marijuana Industry as a consultant for RMMC Consulting.

After leaving in the spring of 2015, Tate went into the insurance industry, but also maintained his relationship with the Hemp Industries Association as the Western Kentucky Manager, becoming a board member in 2018. From 2017-2019, Tate worked in Business Development for Terra Farma in Owensboro, KY. Tate is now a consultant under his own company, Hilltop Commodity and Consulting and also Chief of Operations at Mystic Energy Services.

In the summer of 2018, Tate was also selected to the board of the inaugural Kentucky Hemp Farmers Association. His expertise in insurance, sales, small business, and the hemp industry brings an interesting dynamic to the development of the hemp industry in Western Kentucky and beyond. He served as President of the KYHIA and now the KYHA from February 2019 to August of 2021. He and the board helped the transition and merger from the HIA umbrella to an independent state association after they released all chapter affiliates in the summer of 2020 and is still actively involved to better our hemp industry and the environment!

Jason Marshall (SECRETARY)

Hemp & Cattle Farmer; Rocky Ridge Hemp Co. / Marshall's Tractor Service (Farmer & Business Owner)

Jason’s efforts in the hemp industry began in 2013 in Frankfort working to promote SB 50 and the 2014 Farm Bill and further the hemp cause. Coming from a strong, family-farm background, and having raised tobacco and cattle for 25+ years, he knew the need for hemp as a possible cash crop for the state was immense. He started his first hemp crop in 2014 and has increased its production each year since. Through dedication and more hard work, he became one of the first and few USDA/ Kentucky Department of Agriculture certified organic hemp farmers in the state.

Jason currently raises approximately 10 acres of hemp alongside his wife and their three sons, in addition to continuing to raise beef cattle and operate the two businesses. Rocky Ridge Hemp Co. is the product line of locally raised and sourced CBD products straight from Marshall’s farm. The brick and mortar store is right in downtown Cynthiana, KY. Marshall’s Tractor Service has been in operation for over 30 years, having been started by his father. Service work, replacement parts, and implement sales are all a part of the business.

Mr. Marshall is presently serving as a founding member and Treasurer of the Kentucky Hemp Farmers Association, is a member of OAK (Organic Association of KY), and is a KYHA board director.

John Smith

Essentially Hemp (Co-Owner)

John graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree in Agriculture Economics. He and his wife, Phyllis became licensed growers of industrial hemp in 2016, and licensed processors in 2017 under the Kentucky Department of Agriculture Industrial Hemp research pilot program. John is the co-owner of Essentially Hemp, a retail and wholesale hemp CBD company. John has been on the board of the KYHIA and now KYHA since 2019.

Joseph W. Hickey

Halcyon Holdings, Inc. (Founder)

Mr. Hickey’s roots in the hemp industry began in 1993 as founder and Executive Director of the Kentucky Hemp Growers Cooperative. Soon after, he was convincing then Gov. Brereton Jones to form the Hemp Task Force (to study the feasibility of hemp as a Kentucky cash crop). In 1998, Mr. Hickey was a founder and board member of Kenex Ltd, Canada’s first commercial hemp seed and fiber processing company. For over a decade, Mr. Hickey helped start and grow a number of environmentally conscious organizations, including Tierra Madre, LLC with Woody Harrelson, Baswood, and Prairie Pulp & Paper. Upon Kentucky’s reintroduction of hemp in early 2014, Mr. Hickey became a founding member of Hemp Oil Kentucky, Kentucky Hemp Seed Research & Development Co. and Kenex Kentucky. He is currently working with farmers, state regulators and attorneys to bring Kentucky its first commercial scale hemp seed breeding, crushing, and fiber processing facility.

Alva Baker

Pharmco by Greenfield Global (National Category Manager for the Extraction Market Segment)

Alva is the National Category Manager of the Extraction Market for Pharmco by Greenfield Global. Greenfield is an ethanol producer and manufacturer in Shelbyville KY that supplies high purity ethanol and solvents to the extraction industry. Alva leads a team of dedicated sales professionals across the country who are 100% focused on this market and how to add value to the supply chain. Alva has entrenched herself into this world for many years and has an obvious passion for this industry, especially in her home state of KY. Alva and the team want to help educate on the importance of quality supply and products to all types of extraction related companies and the like. She has been a Board Member of the KYHA (previously KYHIA) for 3 years and has been heavily involved since her initial year in helping facilitate meetings and coordinate events. As an ancillary business, Alva is offers a valuable and unique perspective to the group.

Moseley Putney, AIA

Putney Architecture PLLC / Kentucky Hemp Industries (Principal)

Moseley Putney is a 6th generation Kentuckian, landowner, architect, and founder of Kentucky Hemp Industries. A well-known advocate for the legalization of hemp in the U.S., Mose brings his eye for design and a keen interest in land, buildings and construction, energy, and transportation systems to the establishment of Kentucky Hemp Industries. Kentucky Hemp Industries is a Kentucky LLC established in 2013 and is a member of Kentucky Proud and the KYHA.

Moseley has played an engaged and vocal role in the recent reversal of industrial hemp legalization in Kentucky and the nation. He has been engaged in meetings and hearings, information dissemination, and educational efforts to bring the public, and relevant politicians up to speed on the opportunities we have here in Kentucky for hemp food, fiber, health & beauty aids, medicine, and much more.

He has participated in and has investments with fiber and extraction businesses in KY and is currently a consultant with a Canadian group that has set up operations here for the creation of products and pet treats for distribution in the US and EU.

Moseley was one of the founding members of the KYHIA and previously served on the original KYHIA founding Board of Directors. He is happy to serve the new KYHA organization’s members as a board director.

KellyAnn Salmon

Kentucky Gold CBD (Hemp Farmer, Founder), Greenhouse Growers (Owner)

Kellyann Salmon, Louisville Kentucky

Started in the Hemp Industry in 2015 as a KDA Approved grower in Louisville Ky. The first year approved for 100 acres along with her husband Tim Sparks. After growing Industrial Kentucky Hemp, she was able to see the benefits of the plant in helping people with medical conditions. Kelly sold Honey Bee CBD for her local processor for 2 years before she developed her brand Kentucky Gold CBD. After researching all benefits and watching the results of CBD in children with autism and seizures, she now sells her oil around the country helping children and adults control PTSD, anxiety, sleep disorders, seizer conditions, autism and a whole array of medical conditions. Kentucky Gold CBD has a store in Fern Creek, Kentucky and has been in operation since 2017.

Kellyann also had a Partnership, M&D Enterprises licensed in Oklahoma where they grow and produce Medical Marijuana to distribute to Licensed dispensaries. She also has worked throughout the Caribbean Islands in the Medical Cannabis industry as a consultant in growing, processing, and total production of the Cannabis plant.

In 2018, Kelly assisted in founding the Kentucky Hemp Farmers Association. Kelly sat on the Board and served 2 years as Secretary. Currently she is on the board of the Kentucky Hemp Association. Kellyann has helped farmers in the Hemp industry sell and market bulk material to processors.

All of Kentucky Gold CBD products are third party tested and made in Kentucky with Kentucky grown hemp. Kentucky Gold is distributed to many retail stores through out the US.

Kellyann resides in Louisville Ky and is the Proud Mother of Six daughters and 4 Grandchildren.



As a young adult in Louisville and empowered by a deep sense of both appreciation and responsibility Denise Raine forged a path as an emerging leader. Denise has been involved in Youth Alive, Sisters for Life, West Louisville Urban Coalition and many other noteworthy organizations that have had tremendous impact on those underprivileged and underserved throughout her community.

She began in the hemp industry by simply reaching out to Comer’s team back in 2014 when the pilot program was introduced in KY. It was in 2016 when her industry presence took root. She solicited the city of Louisville to develop 24 acres in west Louisville into a development that was both revenue and programmatically driven by industrial hemp.

Denise currently resides in 43rd district in a collage of Louisville neighborhoods, such as Chickasaw, Portland and Phoenix Hill and small cities, such as Indian Hills, St. Matthews and Woodland Park, which encompass the realities of the racial diverse mix of the district. The benefit of this is that Denise can represent industry diversity just as gracefully as she has embraced representativeness of her residential blended community.

Greg Keeley

Bluegrass Green: highyr CBD, Courage CBD, Barber & Commander (Founder/President)

From national security professional to hemp distiller & veteran’s advocate. LCDR Greg Keeley, USN (ret) is a Service-Disabled Navy Combat Veteran. He is owner of Bluegrass Green, the parent of a small brand family which includes Courage, plus highyr, Barber & Commander and Fremantle Farm, where we grow about 10 acres.

How did a decorated Navy Vet, having never smoked a joint and served in two wars end up in the hemp industry? Simple. It was an accident. An accident his wife, an R.N. believes likely saved his life. After years taking seven different VA prescribed medications every day for ailments including PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury – he shook the dependency on VA drugs, thanks to CBD. Simply put, CBD changed his life.

Feeling inspired, Greg launched his first CBD company in 2017. He quickly realized problems such as PTSD aren’t limited to those who have seen combat. In 2021 Greg founded Courage with a simple, defined mission – to help ALL those who put service before self. Greg is a regular national security analyst on cable news and a contributor to several national publications. He spent several years as a senior staffer in both the U.S. House of Reps and the U.S. Senate.

Greg is a former lobbyist, and Dept. of Defense & NATO spokesman. Married to Katie for 18 years, they have two dogs, Betsy Ross and Raylan Givens. Greg is passionate about hemp and what it can do for those who serve.

Michael Smith

Russell Smith Attorneys (Attorney / Co-Owner)

Mike, a native to Louisville, KY, is passionate about two things: cannabis and advocacy. While Mike is new to the Kentucky hemp world, he is familiar with the fight and has been an ally to KYHA (and KyHIA before) for some time. Mike believes that hemp represents a huge opportunity for Kentuckians. This opportunity, however, is often impeded by haphazard and/or misinformed legislation. Mike wants to advocate for Kentuckians who engage in the various hemp industries, at all levels. Mike is an attorney engaged in private practice here in the Commonwealth. Mike is a zealous and honest litigator. Mike believes family is the bedrock to society, he has the best wife a man could ask for and three of the most rambunctious, yet well mannered, kids.

Taylor Marret

Sugar Creek Ag (President)

Taylor Marret is the President of Sugar Creek Ag and previously spent 6 years with Montys Plant Food Company as their Hemp consultant. He is an experienced hemp farmer and fertilizer consultant that has been in the farming industry for over 20 years. He is well informed on the growing of hemp, having raised the crop himself and having worked with growers from around the country. He is a staunch advocate for the industry and is very well versed on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

LaToya Goodin-Húnfjörð

Aesthetician/Hemp Farmer

South Central Leaf LLC
Campbellsville, Ky

LaToya was introduced to the hemp industry in 2017. Harvest season is where her
love for the plant began.
She is experienced in buying and selling crude oil/hemp; shipping to processing companies.
She likes to be involved from seed to retail, which prompted her to start selling Certified European Union seed for Kintsugi Seeds.
She works for South Central Leaf Services LLC.
To further her education in the cannabis industry, she attended Sullivan University in Oct 2021 for Cannabusiness where she graduated Cum Laude in Oct 2022.
She is also an active Board Member of Sullivan University Cannabusiness Studies Advisory Board and The Minorities for Medical Marijuana.

Denise O’Donnell

Founder and Chief Vision Officer (CVO) of Joint profits

Denise O’Donnell is the Founder and Chief Vision Officer (CVO) of Joint profits. An innovative and modern C-Suite executive, she earned her first Vice Presidency role at 26- years old, as a Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Bringing a wealth of knowledge to the table from accounting and business, Denise has a finite focus and is licensed in three key areas: money, people, and systems. With a history of 14+ years in the field Denise has express strengths in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), financial reporting and analysis, strategic planning, policy and governance, and long-term budgetary oversight.

A natural born entrepreneur Denise works with others to help them build successful and sustainable business ecosystems. Throughout her career, Denise has kept a roster of clients while working full-time but has decided that it is time to take the next step and begin putting 100% effort and focus into Joint Profits with an emphasis on education and advocacy in the cannabis space discovering that she is at her best when helping others succeed. Denise showcases where she has led, designed, built, and implemented projects such as opening the State of Ohio’s inaugural Medical Marijuana Testing Lab, a Water Park, a Dog Grooming and Boarding Facility, and a Distillery to name a few.

Joe Boese

Owner CBD Time

Bio:Born in Germany and later moved to KY when his mother married a retired U.S. soldier. Joe spent 4 years in the military as a paratrooper, including serving in Desert Storm/Shield, and other deployments.

After the military, he received my associates from Hazard Community College, and a degree in accounting from Western Ky University. He retired and opened his own business after working at Toyota Manufacturing for almost 15 years and being injured.

Diagnosed with cancer twice, he used CBD to treat my chronic pain, and soon realized it was helping my quality of life. This encouraged him to help others by retailing CBD products.

He has fought to keep Delta 8 legal for that very reason, not just for myself but for others. He wants all Hemp & Marijuana products to become legal and believe that this plant was put on this Earth to help people.

DeeDee Taylor

CEO/Founder 502 Hemp Wellness Center & 812 Hemp

Dee Dee Taylor was born in Middletown, Ohio. She graduated from Lebanon High School and attended The College of Mount St. Joseph. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Paralegal Studies and had an exemplary career in Ohio and Kentucky as a paralegal/office manager. She became a permanent resident to Middletown, Kentucky in 2010 to be with her now husband, John Taylor and his daughter (now her daughter, as well). Her family jokes about leaving Middletown, only to be living in Middletown.

Dee Dee’s husband, John, suffers from Grand Mal seizures. No explanation as to why and he wasn’t born with them. 2010 was the height of his debilitating episodes. After a horrific episode, Dee Dee urged her husband to find a natural alternative. The pharmaceutical drugs were not working and the side effects were horrible. Her husband traveled out west and learned about CBD oils and began to use the products. His seizures immediately stopped and he went 5 years seizure free. He has only had 8 seizures in 13 years. He started making his medication at home and then in 2014 when Kentucky started their Hemp Pilot program, John and his partner were one of the first to be licensed as a hemp processor. They have been in business ever since making quality, safe products with Kentucky Hemp.

Dee Dee began taking the oil herself for debilitating anxiety and panic attacks in 2016 and noticed an overall improved quality of life. She decided to switch career paths to focus full time on the hemp business and helping others. She started setting up a booth at fairs and festivals around town as KY Beauty and Wellness. She didn’t set out to be in the alternative medicine field, but has found her calling and passion. Dee Dee truly loves to learn about new advances in hemp and loves to help others find relief through quality products. She also partners with other local companies to formulate other quality items using John’s extracts.
Dee Dee owns 502 Hemp Wellness Center, Louisville’s premier hemp boutique and recently opened 812 Hemp in Clarksville, IN. Dee Dee is excited to grow into Southern Indiana and offer her expertise to the local community with safe, quality, reliable products. 
In 2022, Dee Dee was appointed by Governor Beshear to his Medical Cannabis Advisory Committee and continues her cannabis advocacy as an honorary board member to KY Moms for Medical Cannabis. Dee Dee also sits on the Board for the Kentucky Hemp Association and is on the Advisory Board for the St. Matthews Chamber as well.
On September 21, 2022, Dee Dee was commissioned a Kentucky Colonel for her advocacy work in the cannabis industry and advocating for legal hemp products and restrictions on Delta 8 products instead of an all out ban. 
Dee Dee was honored to be awarded the 2023 Entrepreneur Boom Award from the Jeffersontown Chamber.  She was also nominated in 2023 as a Most Admired Woman with Today’s Woman.
In 2019, Dee Dee was awarded the Strong Woman Leader Award by the Prospect Chamber and was recognized as the Top 20 People to Know in the Health Care industry in Louisville’s Business First, January 2019 edition.
502 Hemp was recognized as the Finalist for the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for Ethics in 2023. In 2022, 502 Hemp won Business of the Year and the 2022 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award by the Prospect Chamber. 502 Hemp also won the 2022 Leo’ Reader’s Choice award for Best CBD Oil. 502 Hemp also won the Community Choice Award for Best CBD Store from the Courier Journal for 2021, 2022 and 2023.
In 2021 Leo Reader’s Choice award for Best Place to Buy CBD and Best of the Best from the Courier Journal. 502 Hemp also won the 2020 Leo Reader’s Choice Award for Best CBD Oil and Best CBD oil and 2019 Leo Reader’s Choice award for Best Place to Buy CBD oil, Best CBD Oil and Best New Store/Business in Louisville.  502 Hemp was chosen as the 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 Neighborhood Favorite in Nextdoor.
502 Hemp is also the Official Hemp/CBD Product Partner for the Kentucky Derby Festival for 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023.
Dee Dee is honored to be in this industry of helping others with cannabis products. She proudly claims, whether you are in Louisville or Clarksville, we have you covered in both the Ville’s and everywhere else in between!