Board of Directors


Coming from a family boat business with humble roots in Owensboro, KY, Tate has always had an appreciation for farmers and small businesses alike. Upon receiving his Business Administration degree from Western Kentucky University in the spring of 2014, Tate went straight to Seattle, WA to pursue the new I-502 Recreational Marijuana Industry as a consultant for RMMC Consulting.

After leaving in the spring of 2015, Tate went into the insurance industry, but also maintained his relationship with the Hemp Industries Association as the Western Kentucky Manager, becoming a board member in 2018. From 2017-2019, Tate worked in Business Development for Terra Farma in Owensboro, KY.

In the summer of 2018, Tate was also selected to the board of the inaugural Kentucky Hemp Farmers Association. His expertise in insurance, sales, small business, and the hemp industry brings an interesting dynamic to the development of the hemp industry in Western Kentucky and beyond.



Jana has been involved with the Kentucky Hemp program since 2015. CBD became a game changer for her while recovering from injuries she sustained in a forty-five foot fall in a climbing accident. She developed a deep and meaningful relationship with Hemp through personal experience, courses, study, participating in a Kentucky based grow and obtaining a seat on the board of the Kentucky Hemp Industries Association and now the Kentucky Hemp Association.

Inspired to seek deeper knowledge of cannabis and nontoxic plant based chronic pain relief, Jana began to travel to better educate herself and bring back knowledge and tools to anyone who could benefit. Jana holds a Second Level Interpening Certification for the Trichome Institute located in Denver, CO. In August of 2018, Jana teamed up with Nancy Roberts to make their dream come true of opening a dispensary in Kentucky. At One Love Hemp Dispensary, Jana can be found “talking terps” and spreading the love of Hemp.

Richard Vance (TREASURER)

Stites & Harbison PLLC (Attorney)

Rick Vance’s practice focuses on real estate law, antitrust, trade associations, financial institutions and the industrial hemp industry. He is based in the Louisville office and specializes in advising industrial hemp entrepreneurs and financial institutions on federal and Kentucky compliance issues. Rick graduated with a B.A. with distinction, in Government and Foreign Affairs in 1978 from the University of Virginia, then received his J.D. with high distinction in 1984 from the University of Kentucky College of Law.


Kentucky Hemp Works (Founder)

Katie Moyer is the founder of Kentucky Hemp Works, a seed and root processing facility in Western Kentucky. Her efforts to legalize hemp began in 2007 when she drafted the first version of Kentucky’s hemp legislation. As a result of her efforts educating and lobbying across the state, Katie was appointed to the Kentucky Industrial Hemp Commission, where she served on the education and legislation committees. When hemp became legal under the Farm Bill of 2014, Katie had the chance to grow the first legal, privately owned plot since World War II. This crop led to the start of Kentucky Hemp Works, which continues to produce top-quality hemp products from every part of the plant. Katie currently sits on the Kentucky Industrial Hemp Advisory Board where she advises state government as a hemp producer. She also sits on the Kentucky Agriculture Development Board, which administers Tobacco Settlement Funds to help farmers diversify crops and fosters new growth and industries in agriculture.

Chad Rosen

Victory Hemp Foods (Founder, CEO)

Chad moved from California in 2014 and put down roots in Northern Kentucky, where his company Victory Hemp Foods is based. Victory Hemp Foods processes American Grown Hemp Seeds into Hemp Heart, Hemp Seed Oil, and Hemp Seed Protein at their facilities in Kentucky and Vermont. Chad is an entrepreneur passionate about developing impact based businesses with sustainable supply chains. A graduate of the Village Capital Agricultural Accelerator his network in the food system is far reaching at high levels in the private and public sectors. The White House invited Chad to represent Kentucky and Victory Hemp Foods at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Palo Alto, where he met with POTUS’s Entrepreneurial Ambassadors and 700 other entrepreneurs from 170 countries to work on solving for some of the world most pressing issues here at home and abroad, including food security. He’s dedicated to bringing hemp into the rural economy where sustainable economic development is a priority.

Matthew Smith, J.D.

Campbell & Smith (Founder, Partner)

Matthew Smith is an Attorney-at-Law licensed to practice in the state of Kentucky. Matthew received his B.A. from Centre College and his M.B.A from Walden University before eventually going back to school to earn his J.D. from Northern Kentucky Chase College of Law. Prior to going to law school Matthew worked as a financial advisor with Waddell and Reed where he focused on asset protection. His practice at Campbell & Smith Law is focused partially on businesses involved with the development of Hemp in the state of Kentucky.

Joseph W. Hickey

Halcyon Holdings, Inc. (Founder)

Mr. Hickey’s roots in the hemp industry began in 1993 as founder and Executive Director of the Kentucky Hemp Growers Cooperative. Soon after, he was convincing then Gov. Brereton Jones to form the Hemp Task Force (to study the feasibility of hemp as a Kentucky cash crop). In 1998, Mr. Hickey was a founder and board member of Kenex Ltd, Canada’s first commercial hemp seed and fiber processing company. For over a decade, Mr. Hickey helped start and grow a number of environmentally conscious and organizations, including Tierra Madre, LLC with Woody Harrelson, Baswood, and Prairie Pulp & Paper. Upon Kentucky’s reintroduction of hemp in early 2014, Mr. Hickey became a founding member of Hemp Oil Kentucky, Kentucky Hemp Seed Research & Development Co. and Kenex Kentucky. He is currently working with farmers, state regulators and attorneys to bring Kentucky its first commercial scale hemp seed breeding, crushing, and fiber processing facility.

Shane Ball

Kentucky's Best Hemp (Business Development Specialist)

Shane is a very passionate Kentuckian when it comes to Kentucky’s Agriculture and the Hemp industry. Shane is Kentucky to his core, he is a descendant of Squire Boone — Daniel Boone’s brother who helped to settle Kentucky as a territory and was one of the first farmers in the state. He is a 3rd generation farmer, Co-Owner of Chapel Hill Farms and Cattle Co. in Marion Kentucky and is a Kentucky Colonel. Shane completed his degree in Agriculture from the University of Kentucky in 1995 and went on to complete the Community Leadership Development Masters program at the University of Kentucky.

John Smith

Essentially Hemp (Co-Owner)

John graduated from the University of Ky with a degree in Agriculture Economics. He and his wife, Phyllis became licensed growers of industrial hemp in 2016, and licensed processors in 2017 under the Kentucky Department of Agriculture Industrial Hemp research pilot program. John is the co-owner of Essentially Hemp, a retail and wholesale hemp CBD company.

Alva Baker

Pharmco by Greenfield Global (National Category Manager for the Extraction Market Segment)

Alva is an Extraction Market Specialist for Pharmco by Greenfield Global. Greenfield is an ethanol producer in Shelbyville KY that supplies high purity processing solvents to the extraction industry. Alva has a passion for this industry and wants to help educate on the importance of quality supply to processing facilities.

Shannon Helm, CIC

RT Specialty (Senior Vice President)

Shannon Helm is located just outside of Louisville, in Shepherdsville KY. She has been an insurance specialist for over 20 years.

Nearing the end of 2014, and through 2015, Shannon had the opportunity to broker one of her company’s first industrial hemp growing co-op operations. The business plan included that the final product would be a resource for cattle feed, building materials, textiles and so much more, this led her down the path to discover all that hemp can do for people, the environment, and the planet!

She is a CE Educator that provides continuing education to insurance agents in KY, TN & IN related to all things Cannabis. She has presented on multiple platforms and works with many independent agents in various states helping them navigate the insurance marketplace. She has built solid relationships with the insuring companies who actually put the product out, and often will have the opportunity to act as a consultant with their legal team as new forms are developed. She has been vetted by some of the largest agents in the country who specialize in this space and has won their trust and developed many positive relationships helping all parties successfully navigate this space.

She is happy to be on the KYHA board to gain additional knowledge through participation, networking, and just having general conversations about emerging topics that impact the industry.

Jason Marshall

Hemp & Cattle Farmer; Rocky Ridge Hemp Co. / Marshall's Tractor Service (Business Owner)

Jason’s efforts in the hemp industry began in 2013 in Frankfort working to promote SB 50 and the 2014 Farm Bill and further the hemp cause. Coming from a strong, family-farm background, and having raised tobacco and cattle for 25+ years, he knew the need for hemp as a possible cash crop for the state was immense. He started his first hemp crop in 2014 and has increased its production each year since. Through dedication and more hard work, he became one of the first and few USDA/ Kentucky Department of Agriculture certified organic hemp farmers in the state.

Jason currently raises approximately 10 acres of hemp alongside his wife and their three sons, in addition to continuing to raise beef cattle and operate the two businesses. Rocky Ridge Hemp Co. is the product line of locally raised and sourced CBD products straight from Marshall’s farm. The brick and mortar store is right in downtown Cynthiana, KY. Marshall’s Tractor Service has been in operation for over 30 years, having been started by his father. Service work, replacement parts, and implement sales are all a part of the business.

Mr. Marshall is presently serving as a founding member and Treasurer of the Kentucky Hemp Farmers Association, is a member of OAK (Organic Association of KY), and is a KYHA board director.

Moseley Putney, AIA

Putney Architecture PLLC / Kentucky Hemp Industries (Principal)

Moseley Putney is a 6th generation Kentuckian, landowner, architect, and founder of Kentucky Hemp Industries. A well-known advocate for the legalization of hemp in the U.S., Mose brings his eye for design and a keen interest in land, buildings and construction, energy, and transportation systems to the establishment of Kentucky Hemp Industries. Kentucky Hemp Industries is a Kentucky LLC established in 2013 and is a member of Kentucky Proud and the KYHA.

Moseley has played an engaged and vocal role in the recent reversal of industrial hemp legalization in Kentucky and the nation. He has been engaged in meetings and hearings, information dissemination, and educational efforts to bring the public, and relevant politicians up to speed on the opportunities we have here in Kentucky for hemp food, fiber, health & beauty aids, medicine, and much more.

He has participated in and has investments with fiber and extraction businesses in KY and is currently a consultant with a Canadian group that has set up operations here for the creation of products and pet treats for distribution in the US and EU.

Moseley was one of the founding members of the KYHIA and previously served on the original KYHIA founding Board of Directors. He is happy to serve the new KYHA organization’s members as a board director.

KellyAnn Salmon

Kentucky Gold CBD (Hemp Farmer, Founder), Greenhouse Growers (Owner)

Kellyann started in the hemp industry in 2015, as a Kentucky Department of Agriculture (KDA) approved hemp farmer with her husband, Tim Sparks. They planted on her father’s farm in Louisville, KY.

Since the conception of the Industrial Hemp Program, Kellyann founded Kentucky Gold CBD which is a product line that has been developed to serve all levels of CBD uses. She currently has two brick and mortar stores in Louisville, as well as distributors throughout the U.S.

In 2018, she helped establish the Kentucky Hemp Farmers Association (KHFA). KHFA was formed to educate and lobby for the Kentucky hemp farmer. She has been able to help farmers make connections, through a network of relationships she has built with processors and labs across the U.S.

Kellyann is the owner of Greenhouse Growers, which supplies clones to Kentucky hemp farmers. She also continues to farm hemp in Louisville alongside her husband and son-in Law Eric Ramos. Her daughter Jillian and sisters, Ellie and Lora assist in managing the stores.

In addition to farming and CBD oil distribution, Kellyann is active in the Quarter Horse industry. She shows her NSBA World Champion horse, “Hot Star.” For 12 years, she also served on the board of directors for the Kentucky Quarter Horse Association.

Kellyann is the proud mother of six daughters, two granddaughters and one grandson.