KYHA Board Member Lends His Voice and Leadership to “Farm Aid For Hemp” Campaign

KYHA Board Director, Joe Hickey, of Halcyon Holdings, LLC. lends his voice and leadership to a campaign titled “Farm Aid for Hemp.” The campaign is encouraging Farm Aid to support small family farmers by including hemp at this year’s event.

The campaign states, “As a coalition of thousands of small family farmers, and others committed to sustainability and regenerative farming practices, we recognize the potential of industrial hemp to transform the fate of farmers and the health of the planet.” Let’s all work together to show Farm Aid that hemp farmers are an important part of American agriculture.

Please view the video and sign, comment and share the link below with your family and friends and anyone interested in helping our small family farmers who are building America’s new hemp industry.

A big thank you to our Board Member Joe Hickey, for representing the KYHA and leading the charge!

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