KYHIA Supports HB 506


The Kentucky Hemp Industries Association (KYHIA) has written a position paper showing our support of HB 506, which would amend KRS 218A.010, which exempts Combustible Floral Material (CFM) from the definition of marijuana. This would amend KRS 260.858 to allow a licensee to process, handle, or market CFM, exempts any person in possession, custody, or control of CFM from the penalties applicable to those persons who violate KRS Chapter 218A.

The KYHIA, as an organization, understands HB 506 has a positive and direct effect for our farmers, citizens, commerce in the State of Kentucky.

We encourage our members and friends to call their legislators at the LRC Hotline: 800-372-7181 and ask them to support House Bill 506.

You may also email them at If you aren’t sure who your legislator is, just call the Hotline and the staff will help you to identify your rep and senator.

Read the full position paper here.

HB 506